The Agent Operations VIP/Retainer Client Program

Looking to Outsource All of Your Marketing Operations?

We encourage you to request eligibility to our VIP/Retainer Client Program. From A to Z, we’ll coordinate every aspect of your marketing, including design, printing, mailing, closing gifts, and more. As you sell real estate and do the things that you’re great at, crucial marketing tasks continue to power the engine of your brand behind the scenes. Our retainer system allows you to put your marketing on autopilot and enjoy VIP-only benefits.

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The Agent Operations® VIP/Retainer Client Program Qualifies Our Best Clients for:

  • Expedited turnaround times with preferential treatment in our Design Queue,
  • Our lowest hourly rates on hourly projects,
  • Our lowest hourly rates for our leadership team,
  • Our lowest hourly graphic design rates,
  • Our lowest hourly website and web design rates,
  • Increase and guaranteed availability to our staff and leadership team,
  • Early access deals,
  • Special VIP-only promotions,
  • 1 complimentary Lunch & Learn event for up to 20 agents every six months,
  • 1 complimentary marketing plan audit with best practices recommendations each year.

The VIP/Retainer Client Program Increments:

Corresponding retainer dollar amounts apply to each level. The Agent Operations® VIP/Retainer Client Program retainer is not a required monthly amount; rather, it’s something that clients refill when the balance becomes low (defined as less that $150 remaining as a credit on the retainer. Out VIP/Retainer Clients receive a weekly accounting of their activities with Agent Operations®

Our VIP/Retainer Clients enjoy reduced hourly rates. In addition to perks and other special offers, retainer clients with Agent Operations® benefit from reduced hourly project rates. These rates apply to projects that are bid or completed on an hourly basis for VIP/Retainer Clients:

  • Reduced Hourly Content Creation + Design Rate: $37.50 per hour
  • Reduced Hourly Content Creation + Design Rate (Lora): $45 per hour
  • Reduced Hourly Graphic Design Rate: $55 per hour
  • Reduced Hourly Website and Web Design Rate: $55 per hour

*Restrictions apply.

**Retainers are non-refundable.

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