Contract-to-Close: What’s Included?

What’s Included in My Contract-to-Close Transaction?

We handle everything, from start to finish! It’s really just that easy! If you’d like, take a look at the particulars below:

  • Collect and track all documents pertaining to the transaction, including executed and receipted contract, addenda, all disclosures, loan pre-approval letter and more.
  • Work with compliance software like BackAgent, DotLoop, ZipForms, DocuSign, SkySlope, and more, while walking through our own workflow in Google docs and Smartsheet, a project management software, as an additional safeguard.
  • Monitor all contractual dates to ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Obtain weekly updates from the mortgage lender to ensure that loan is on track for an on-time closing.
  • Monitor the option period and assist client in obtaining signatures on documents.
  • Serve as a liaison for the agent for all parties, including buyer or seller, title company, lender, other agent and more.
  • Coordinate delivery of option check.
  • Coordinate tax certificate, title commitment, ECAD audit (if applicable), survey, and T-47 according to their respective due dates.
  • Coordinate and schedule all inspections (premium service level).
  • Coordinate Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) and submit for signatures.
  • Coordinate or advise title company of home warranty preference (if applicable).
  • Coordinate and schedule ECAD audit (if applicable).
  • Follow-up and ensure that the third party financing due date is met and that documentation is present.
  • Document any special provisions.
  • Coordinate and/or obtain the homeowner’s association documents within the given timeframe.
  • Coordinate HOA Documents for review, approval and signature.
  • Prepare amendments per agent’s written instructions and send for signature.
  • Send amendment(s) to other agent for execution and then forward to title company and lender, as applicable.
  • Coordinate and collect any receipts from repairs; forward to other party and title as applicable.
  • Track the status of the appraisal and date received.
  • Track and verify the status of the “clear-to-close” with the lender and coordinate with the title company.
  • Request and review closing statement to ensure accuracy.
  • Forward closing statement to agent for final approval.
  • Review approved closing disclosure with client, as applicable.
  • Provide instructions and “what to expect” for day of closing, along with information about keys, garage door openers, mailbox location, utilities, etc.
  • Coordinate and schedule closing appointment for client(s) and agent.
  • Email client with closing appointment instructions, along with directions to the title company and answers to frequently asked questions and wire fraud warning to client.
  • Schedule final walk-through for client and agent (premium service level).
  • Verify home warranty contract ordered and in place.
  • Coordinate delivery of keys, garage door openers and any other necessary items.
  • Coordinate closing gift per agent instructions.
  • Upload digital file of all transaction documents to secure Google Drive location.
  • Provide agent with location of file and forward to broker as applicable.
  • Verify client information is updated with new mailing address and ensure agent’s sphere of influence database is updated for accuracy and marketing purposes.
  • Ready to get started? Place an online order here or simply email our Team with the transaction details. We’ll take it from there!

contract to close management texas

Agent Responsibilities:

  • Review and confirm the accuracy of the escrow instructions.
  • Perform all contract negotiations, including the negotiation of repairs, amendments, and all contract changes.
  • Advise client on real estate matters (we will not provide real estate advice on your behalf).
  • Provide written (email) confirmation of walk-through, and we will compile signatures on the walk-through form based on your direction.

At this time, transaction management services are offered in the greater Austin, TX area only.

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