How to Get More Recommendations on LinkedIn

Real Estate Professionals: How to Get More Recommendations on LinkedIn

Helpful Complimentary Worksheet Download: How to Get More Recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations by other professionals on LinkedIn are some of the most powerful ways to take your Professional Profile to the next level.

Recommendations on LinkedIn turn profile “skimmers” into bonafide profile READERS, which means that they’re highly likely to stay on your real estate profile longer.

And because so few real estate professionals are taking the time to ask for recommendations (this takes 15 minutes, on average), YOUR profile will stand out from the rest when you DO.

Social proof, like LinkedIn Recommendations, is influential in purchase decisions.

How to Get More Recommendations on LinkedIn:

1) Write down a list of 10-15 people on LinkedIn who know or have experience with your services. Side note: Be sure that they are part of your LinkedIn network–this is how they will be able to write a Recommendation for you.

2) Armed with your list, reach out to them via email or LinkedIn messaging.

3) Script for requesting Recommendations:

Hello, _____. I’m working to improve my LinkedIn profile, and one of my goals is to get recommendations from clients (or colleagues) who know my work well. Would you be able to write a LinkedIn recommendation in the next few days to help me improve my profile? I’d be happy to do the same for you if you’d like–just let me know. I appreciate your time very much.

4) That’s it. I always recommend that you do this regularly (monthly is good, quarterly is okay). AND, I’ve got more random tips below.

More LinkedIn for Real Estate Tips:

Q: What’s a reasonable response rate? How can I get more people to respond?

A: 50% and above.

If there’s no response to your email, don’t be afraid to message them directly on LinkedIn.

OR, click the “Ask for Recommendation” button in the Recommendations section of their profile.

OR, write THEM a recommendation first.

Q: What if my client doesn’t know where to write a recommendation on LinkedIn?

A: Easy-peasy. Tell them to click on your profile and scroll down to the “Recommendations” section (just below the “Skills & Endorsements” section)

OR, tell them go to your profile and click the “More…” button just below your header on the center-right side of your profile, then select “Recommend.” (screenshot below)

LinkedIn Recommendations for Real Estate

Q: I want my recommendation to stand out. Is there a recipe for a great recommendation?

A1: Think before and after. Just like staging before and after photos, your client’s experience before working with you and after working with you speaks volumes.

A2: Storytime. Ask them to tell a story and have them identify the problem they had before working with you and how you served as their guide and helped them SOLVE that problem.

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