COVID-19: MLS Tips We’ve Learned, Remote Staging Consultations and More Helpful Nuggets

COVID-19: MLS Tips We’ve Learned, Remote Staging Consultations and More Helpful Nuggets

Things are changing FAST in this market, and I’d like to share some wisdom and resources that I hope will help in your daily work with clients and buyer/seller prospects.

Our phenomenal Transaction Coordinators, Tammy and Virginia, have brought several helpful compliance-related insights to my attention, and I’m sharing those recommendations with you below. (Please be sure to check with your broker, local REALTOR® association, and/or your local health department, as this is a very fluid situation and there may be differences from city-to-city and state-to-state.)

TIP #1: Add to MLS Remarks and Showing Instructions:
Agents, Appraisers, and Inspectors who are scheduling: PLEASE wear gloves before entry and booties if available. Please limit touching surfaces if possible.

TIP #2: Add to Lease Listing Remarks:
Agents: PLEASE wear gloves before entry and booties if available. Please limit touching surfaces if possible.

TIP #3: COVID-19 Addendums–Check with Your Local Association or Governing Body:
In Texas, we have a new COVID-19 Addendum that adds protection to clients as a result of the pandemic. If you’re located in another state, you will likely see one of these soon (if you haven’t already). Please be sure to review this document carefully with your broker or real estate attorney to understand the implications.

TIP #4: Check with Your Lenders on ALL Transactions
While many are on track, we have heard of several cases of funding being pulled on both commercial and residential projects. Be sure to check with your favorite lenders on how timelines may vary. (And… I’ve got a local lender that we’ll be featuring very soon, and he will share lots of great insight).

TIP #5: Check What is Defined as “Shelter in Place” Near You
Each county and city within the county are different. Be sure to determine if real estate is considered an “essential service” with your broker or local governing body.

BIG, BIG TIP #6: Remote Home Staging Consultations to Increase ROI
Even staging consultations are evolving–ingenuity is on the rise in our rapidly-changing environment, and it’s just AWESOME.

Today, I’m also excited to share a local business owner who is conducting virtual staging consultations with clients. Lindsay Gillen owns HomeCraft Staging, is a Certified Home Stager, and is a 2019 RESA Top 10 Home Stager of the Year. Check out her video (and bio) below to learn more about virtual staging consultations and how they can help your business in a social distancing reality.

Now Offering Remote Consultations from lindsay gillen on Vimeo.

More About HomeCraft Staging

HomeCraft Staging offers professional solutions to give your listings the competitive advantage. Whether your home is vacant or occupied, HomeCraft Staging provides critical guidance and workable solutions to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. Additionally, HomeCraft Staging is now proud to offer Remote Consultations to keep your listings on track during the COVID-19 crisis. 

HomeCraft Staging is owned by Lindsay Gillen, who first served her community as an RN for 11 years before launching her professional home staging business in February 2017. Lindsay’s compassionate, yet knowledgable approach to home staging makes her a valuable asset while preserving the ever-important realtor-client relationship. Lindsay serves as the VP of Membership for the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Central TX Chapter and was voted as a 2019 Top 10 Home Stager by RESA.

Me again 🙂 Question for you:
➤➤ Do you have a strategic partner or local professional that you LOVE? We want to know about them and we may even feature them in a future edition! #SmallBusinessRocks

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