LinkedIn for Real Estate Part 2: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline and Keywords

LinkedIn for Real Estate Part 2: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline and Keywords

Before You Start:

Download the Worksheet for Parts 1 and 2 – Best Practices for Your Profile Photo, Cover Image, Crafting Your Headline and More: Click here for PDF or Click here for Word doc.

In Part 2, We’ll Cover:

1) How to OPTIMIZE your LinkedIn HEADLINE. 

2) How to brainstorm and SELECT KEYWORDS. Why is this important? Did you know that the LinkedIn SEARCH function works very much like Google’s? Yes, it does! That means keywords AND your headline MATTER.

BONUS TIP: Selecting great KEYWORDS means that you can use them as targeted HASHTAGS across social media channels for marketing consistency AND targeting niche audiences.

Be on the lookout for the other upcoming video modules that will help you through the process of OPTIMIZING your LinkedIn Professional Profile for real estate:
• Create a killer LinkedIn ABOUT / SUMMARY section
• How and when to use real estate CALLS-TO-ACTION
• Why you ALWAYS should ENGAGE with others on LinkedIn
• Why LinkedIn is on FIRE for REALTORS®
AND so MUCH more!

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Step 1: Download the Marketing Plan Worksheet:
Step 2: Learn how to identify your Audience:
Step 3: Learn how to identify your Marketing Objectives:
Step 4: Learn how to identify your Marketing Message:

Build a Winning LinkedIn Professional Profile for Real Estate:

• Pre-Class Material: Create Your LinkedIn Account:
• Class 1: Learn about 3 CRUCIAL COMPONENTS that need to appear on your cover photo, along with simple steps to maximize the impact of your profile photo AND cover image:




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