Create Your Marketing Plan for Real Estate: 3-Part Workshop Style Class

Marketing Plan for Real Estate

 Ready to create your Marketing Plan for real estate?

Organize your real estate marketing activities strategically with the Agent Operations Mini Marketing Plan class! This workshop-style 3-part series ensures that you are intentional, strategic, and consistent with your marketing. Let’s get started!


Part 1: Define Your Audience

The first step is to understand WHO you want to target in your marketing. So many agents say “My target market is anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house in my area!” While this thought process is understandable, it’s not the best way to approach marketing your real estate business. Selecting and understanding the qualities of a specific target audience (or a few target audiences) helps you carve out a niche market where you can become an expert. Let’s dive in:

Part 2: Define Your Objectives

After you’ve defined WHO you want to target, it’s time to set forth your marketing objectives. What do you want your marketing to accomplish? Sure, generating buyer and seller leads is the most obvious goal, but there are other objectives you’ll want to achieve as well. Think of things like brand awareness (or owning “head space” in your sphere of influence’s minds), building a subscriber database of potential buyers, sellers, and investors, and offering high-value information to position you as an authority are just a few examples. Let’s take a look:

Part 3: Define Your Message

After you’ve defined your marketing OBJECTIVES, it’s time to determine your marketing MESSAGE. How will your marketing SOUND, LOOK, and FEEL LIKE when it’s targeted to your defined audience? How do you want your audience to react? What do you want your audience to do? …Also known as the call-to-action. How do you want to position yourself in the messaging? All of these are very important questions to answer.

As you flesh out your marketing message, you may want to revisit the audience (or audiences) you defined in Part 1 of this exercise. Your audience is an important influence when deciding on how your message will sound, look and feel. You’ll also want to keep in mind the objectives that you set forth in Part 2 of this exercise. Your objectives will guide the process as you create your message and decide on platforms (more about platforms like print, digital, and social media in another video). Let’s get started:



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