10 Tips For Shooting Better Smartphone Videos

10 Tips For Shooting Better Smartphone Videos

Professional videos are a great technique for marketing yourself as a REALTOR®! But, they’re expensive. To cut down on the expenses, many real estate professionals choose to record video using their smartphone. This is a great way to go, and smartphone cameras are getting better every day. However, it isn’t just as easy as swiping left and pushing record. If you want to create professional smartphone videos, there are several tips you should know.

Tips for Shooting Better Videos on Your Phone Agent Operations Real Estate Marketing and Video Tips

Take a look at these 10 tips to shoot better videos on your smartphone:

  1. Shoot horizontal, not upright – Recording videos with your phone horizontal will allow viewers to watch your video at full size on a monitor without the black bars on both sides.
  2. Keep it smooth and steady – The key here is to hold your smartphone with both of your hands with your elbows held tight to your body. This increases stability and decreases the shakiness.
  3. Rule of thirds – To create some interest in your video, consider the rule of thirds. If your phone allows you, activate the grid on your camera app. If it doesn’t, switch over to photo mode to set up your shot before recording any video. Tip: Place the interesting details of the shot in locations where the grid lines intersect.
  4. Lighting – Lighting can make or break your video, this is especially true in an outdoor video. Position yourself in a way that the sun is evenly lighting the entire scene you are recording. Keep in mind that you may have to change your position to achieve ideal video lighting.
  5. Shorter clips – Creating a video with shorter clips pieced together can make your video more interesting to watch. Mixing it up allows you accent smaller details and capture shots from different angles.
  6. Manually set exposure and focus – If your smartphone has it, activate your AE/AF (auto exposure and focus) lock function (by pressing and holding an area of the screen). The most important of the two is exposure, and this is especially true when you are panning across an indoor scene (natural light from windows can significantly affect the exposure of your scene). Lock the exposure in such a way that it compliments the entire scene.
  7. Audio – Try to record your video in a quiet and controlled environment. If recording outside, try to shield your microphone from any wind.
  8. Storage space – Before shooting your video, take a look at your storage space to determine if your smartphone can handle the memory space needed for your video.
  9. No zoom – Keep in mind that your smartphones video camera does not have a zoom option. Consider choosing a distance that isn’t too far away or too close to your video’s subject.
  10. Edit and share – Edits can be as simple as trimming some content and arranging them in order. After editing, post your videos online (YouTube) to receive feedback and determine how you can improve.

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Image credit: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels.

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