Super-Charge Your Instagram for Real Estate Profile

Super-Charge Your Instagram for Real Estate Profile

Why Instagram for Real Estate? Besides being a great way to show off your services and personality, Instagram is also well-known as a discovery engine for brands and brand awareness. But, wait–there’s more! It can also drive leads and sales. Let’s take a look:*

Instagram for Real Estate Agent Operations Social Media Marketing Tips

WOW! But, that’s not all:

Instagram for Real Estate Agent Operations Social Media Marketing Tips

Wait, there’s more:

Instagram for Real Estate Agent Operations Social Media Marketing Tips

So all this about Instagram sounds great… but what now?

Turn your Instagram for real estate profile from an online brochure to a lead generator by adding varied calls-to-action on your posts.

a) Think beyond awareness.

b) Drive leads intentionally.

c) Set your brand up for success.

Lay a Strong Foundation

At a minimum, make sure you’ve completed the Mini Marketing Plan Worksheet so that you understand your objectives, audience, and message. This is critically important before moving forward.

Set Up Your Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs show your audience how they can transaction with you. There are two types of CTAs:

  • Transitional: Analogy: Will you go on a date with me? 
    Think “Download My Free Report ‘Secrets to Buying New Construction.’”
  • Direct: Analogy: Will you marry me?
    Think “Schedule Your Buyer’s Consultation.”

There’s a limitation with Instagram: you can only insert one clickable hyperlink in your Instagram profile. Hyperlinks in posts aren’t “clickable” and don’t function, so the #LINKINBIO reference is used to direct the user to a clickable link within your Instagram profile.

But, what if you want to use more than one CTA? Changing out links is a pain, and what if a prospect wants something you posted a few weeks ago? The answer is, a tool that allows you to build a “table of contents” for your CTAs. It’s easy — access the step-by-step video:

*Study Source: How Instagram Boosts Brands and Drives Sales

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