Stand Out from the Crowd with a Modern, Semi-Custom, and Affordable Real Estate Website

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Modern, Semi-Custom, and Affordable Real Estate Website by Agent Operations

Looking for a gorgeous, functional, and affordable real estate website?

A website is your platform to the world…to those in your sphere of influence…to buyer and seller prospects…to new leads who you haven’t even met yet.

What is your website saying about you?

Until now, sleek, modern custom websites were expensive. But with website design services from Agent Operations, we make you look great AND we don’t break the bank.

But, there’s more. At Agent Operations, we believe that strategy is crucial when it comes to marketing, and that means we market strategically and intentionally for those we serve. We utilize best practices in our website design layout, along with an adaptable content strategy, complete with multiple calls-to-action, to make sure that we maximize every opportunity for our clients.

Here’s a look at one of our recent semi-custom WordPress websites, (click below to view the live site in a new window):

Custom WordPress Websites for Realtors Real Estate Agent Operations Websites

What is it like to have a website designed and created by Agent Operations? Let’s take a look!

Our Website Design Process

Investing in a semi-custom website is a big deal, and we take that responsibility seriously. Let’s take a look at the deliberate process we use when designing your ideal site:

Step 1 | The Interest Phase, Consult + Quote

The initial part of our website design process is all about learning more about you, specifically, along with:

  • Understanding what’s important to you, from both a content and design standpoint,
  • Learning more about your style of business and how we can intone that authentically through your website design,
  • Gathering information about your audience, including any niche audiences that you serve,
  • and more.

We’ve found that a phone or in-person meeting is a crucial first step. We will have conducted pre-meeting research about you and your style, and we’ll come equipped with several questions that will help us understand more about you and what you’re looking to accomplish. If you aren’t quite sure where to start with yet, that’s okay; we’ll share ideas, best practices, and thoughts to help you envision what you might like.

From there, we’ll prepare and submit a detailed quote for your website design project, and we’ll answer any questions that you might have. When you’re ready, you’ll simply sign the paperwork, and we’ll move to the Onboarding Process.

Step 2 | Onboarding + Organizing

The Onboarding + Organizing part of the process is an information-gathering phase to ensure that we have everything correct about you, your style, your preferences, and more. It’s important to us that we get this right for you, and it all starts right from the beginning.

As we continue to learn more about you, we’ll host an informal Design Consultation by phone. During our time together, we’ll review the information we’ve gathered about you and ask additional questions that will help with the design process.

Next, we’ll create a Summary Design Package that includes a:

  • Branding Board – a summary of your design style and preferences, and a
  • Detailed Content Outline – while still an “outline,” this draft includes more pertinent details about the design and vision for your website, including specific calls-to-action and general content for the main pages of the site.

With your approval of the Summary Design Package, we’ll move to Step 3.

Step 3 | Creation

We’ll build your WordPress website and execute the Summary Design Package to ensure that your visions and preferences are followed throughout the design process.

Step 4 | Post Design Audit

Before we submit a draft of your website to review, we double-check our work through a Post Design Audit. We want the website you review to be as accurate as possible.

Step 5 | Review + Edits

We want your new website to be exactly what you’ve envisioned, and we’ll work with you to make edits as necessary, according to our Website Agreement with you.

Step 6 | Launch

When your sleek, modern, customized WordPress website is ready to go live, we’ll do an official launch. It’s such an exciting time, and we encourage you to share your new website with your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. Don’t forget to update your marketing collateral (both print and electronic) with your new website address!

Step 7 | Post Launch and Evaluation

We want you to be absolutely delighted with your new website, so we take your website launch one step further. We provide a Website Package with loads of relevant information about your website, branding, content, themes, colors, fonts, etc., in a document that you can save. We also provide you with a back-up of your website in a shared Drive folder (dated on or around the date of your formal launch) for safekeeping.

Step 8 | Service After the Sale

If you elect to hire us to maintain your website, this is an add-on service that we offer, and we’re always happy to help.

Have questions? Our Team is ready to assist. Call (512.400.2345 ext 1) or email us today!

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