9 REALTOR® Video Ideas

Video marketing is one of the most time-consuming marketing techniques, but also one of the most effective. Videos give REALTORS® the ability to do so much more than other marketing forms. They allow you to show your client what you can do for them. Showing is so much more powerful than just telling. Creating a REALTOR® video allows leads and potential clients to see what you can do, and see how you can help them!

Realtor® Video

9 REALTOR® Video Ideas 

Here are nine REALTOR® video ideas  – which one will work best for you? Take a look below:

  1. Testimonials from Past Clients
    • Testimonials and endorsements from past clients are probably one of the best ways to market yourself as a REALTOR®. If a client was happy with the work you provided them with in the past, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend or family member. Word-of-mouth is golden – it is marketing you do not have to pay for! Consider asking past clients for a testimonial to help promote your real estate business; if they liked your work, we’re sure they will be more than happy to help! Also, even more powerful than a written testimonial is a video testimonial. Placing a face to words establishes more trust and reliability in your REALTOR® testimonials.
  2. Interviews with Leaders or Influencers
    • Public opinion leaders are powerful assets to have in marketing your real estate business. If you have worked with someone who has the ability to influence others, ask if they can help you out. This can be as simple as recording a Q&A session to answer questions that your audience may have. If the opinion leader or influencer is not local, you can always use Good Hangouts or Skype.
  3. Events
    • Who doesn’t love the holidays or events within the community? Consider turning a back-to-school home maintenance checklist blog into a video blog. This way, instead of telling your audience how to do something, you can show them how to do it. In addition, targeting your video to relate to a community event raises awareness for that event and shows that you are invested in your community.
  4. Call to Action
    • This is one of the most popular forms of marketing, and it’s especially effective for REALTORS®. These videos typically offer information on a new product or service you are introducing, or they request viewers to sign up for a newsletter, visit your website, or possibly participate in a competition. Any way you look at it, these types of videos are either informing your audience of something or asking them to do or participate in something.
  5. YOU, the Host
    • This means exactly what you think it means. Basically, this type of video is you talking to the camera about your real estate business and services you offer, etc. These are popular when creating an “about me” section of your website. Instead of writing about yourself, share with your audience why you have chosen to be a REALTOR®, success stories you have had, etc.
  6. Video Slideshow
    • If you have real estate information you would like to show your audience, while also explaining the content, consider creating a video PowerPoint. Simply add voice narration to the slides. Mac users – Keynote. Window users – PowerPoint.
  7. Animated Video
    • If you want to get a little creative, consider creating animated videos. You can create these types of videos with Fiverr, Nawmal or GoAnimate. If you have never created an animated video you may want to outsource them to a professional video company. Or, maybe give it a try yourself first. PowToon is a great video creation site to try creating your own animated video.
  8. Tips and Industry Knowledge
    • One of the number one reasons individuals watch videos is to get knowledge on a subject. With this in mind, consider making a video where you give your audience tips and knowledge about real estate. For REALTORS®, this could be anything from tips for first-time homebuyers, information on mortgage loans, housing trends in the area, etc. Audiences love videos that provide them with relevant and useful information.
  9. Teaching/Recorded Webinar Video
    • Teaching is also a popular video marketing technique. Create videos that are useful to your audience. For example, you may consider creating a video on “how to get a home loan.” This video has the possibility of being extremely popular among first-time homebuyers. While the process of getting a home loan may not be difficult, it can be easier for a first-time homebuyer to understand the process if an experienced REALTOR® is going through it step-by-step with them.

Videos are one of the most popular and powerful marketing techniques available to REALTORS®, especially when resources like YouTube exist. Technology has become so advanced that anyone can create a video. However, it is important to remember to make your video relevant to your audience and keep it in line with your brand. Try to remember to follow these tips when creating a video:

  • Make sure your video is high quality and professional – even if you create it yourself
  • Keep the video consistent with your brand
  • Keep the content relevant to your audience
  • Transcribe your video to boost your SEO and extend your video life – also, add an engaging title that is relevant to your video
  • Use social media to market and promote your video and your real estate business
  • If you choose to continue making videos, create your own official YouTube channel

Whichever of the nine videos you choose to make, just make sure they follow the tips above. A video is only successful if wide ranges of viewers see it!

Happy filming!



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