Ways to Maximize Real Estate Referrals

ways to maximize real estate referrals agent operations

At Agent Operations, we believe there is incredible power in your network. It’s not solely about “who you know,” but how you talk with them. Making a little extra, targeted effort can maximize your real estate referrals.

Entrepreneur came out with a brilliant article called “2 Secrets to Maximum Referrals.” It’s definitely worth the read, and we couldn’t agree more with the principles author Shaun Buck lays out. Here’s a brief run-down:

  • “The single easiest way to double any business is for each customer to bring a customer.” -Bill Glazer
  • Make the process of referring you easy. One of the best ways to do this is to offer helpful information to your customer or referral partner to pass along. Many times this content comes in the form of a free report, and it’s more interesting than a sales presentation to the average individual. This strategy can be implemented in nearly every facet of real estate marketing: Facebook ads campaign, landing pages, social media, monthly newsletter content… You get the picture.
  • Customers are more willing to pass along helpful information to others they know, rather than directing them to use so-and-so for a specific service. If you present yourself as a knowledge hub of all things real estate, your name naturally surfaces in conversation. People are much more likely to act on information because they perceive it to be non-threatening.

This article on how to maximize referrals simply and poignantly is worth the read. Make sure to check out how Bud builds a referral base through the sphere of influence of one of his loyal customers. Just… Good… Stuff…

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