Professional Tip: Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for REALTORS® today. It’s readily available, cost-effective and gives marketers the ability to laser-target audiences geographically, demographically and by interests, habits or even operating systems (and more!).


Until recently, real estate agents have advertised on Facebook largely through trial and error or by hiring real estate firms like ours. For all of its amazing qualities (seriously, the targeting options alone make us giddy), Facebook hasn’t always been the most user-friendly. It can be extremely confusing and sometimes clunky. And it changes… Constantly.

But dang it. Facebook is an incredible marketing medium. What to do, what to do?

We’ve got good great news! There’s a “new kid on the block” to help you learn the ropes of Facebook advertising, developed by Facebook. It’s called Facebook Blueprint, and it’s a series of instructional web videos. You can access them online. Anytime. Anywhere.


Facebook Blueprint details everything you need to know about using Facebook for your business, including best practices, purchasing ads, managing ads, targeting, campaign optimization, reporting and measurement and so much more.

And while we’d love to earn your Facebook and social media management business, Agent Operations understands there’s something gratifying in doing the work yourself. We also understand the importance of running on a lean budget, especially when you (personally) are the one footing the marketing bill. So if we can help shorten your learning curve, we’re all about it. Why? Well, we want to make the world a better place than we found it. Sounds fluffy, but it’s the truth. Our philosophy is to help real estate agents make great marketing choices, whether you work with us or not.

We’ll insert a shameless plug here, at the end… If you have questions about how we help our clients with Facebook and social media marketing, reach out to us anytime. We’re always here for you.

‘Till next time.

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