Agent Operations’ Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Who doesn’t love a five star resort? And why is that? What do they do differently from other hotels?

Agent Operations' Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The simple answer is this: they consistently make the most of every opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations. They are deliberate and add value at every turn. They position themselves as the expert by what they deliver to the customer. Their employees’ actions are often described as thoughtful, caring, even intuitive. They know what the customer is looking for even before the question is asked.

The best real estate marketing ideas are those that add value, anticipate the client’s needs and consistently position you as the real estate expert. Here are faves:

  1. Write thank you cards. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you meet for coffee, lunch or dessert, write a handwritten thank you and include your business card. Most of the mail we receive today is either bad news (bills) or mass-produced (solicitations). Cut through the clutter. Even if you don’t like your scrawl, it’ll get noticed… And so will your thoughtfulness.
  2. Deliver flowers to your fans. If anyone sends you a referral, they get a bouquet. Personally deliver it to their workplace and attach your card. Don’t wait for the referral to “work out.” Reward your fans for the connection.
  3. Establish relationships with one or two of the following: CPA, divorce attorney, estate attorney and financial planner. Offer to provide free home market analysis information for them and their clients. Brand the CMA professionally and be quick on turn-around times. Be particularly kind to their gatekeepers, including receptionists and personal assistants.
  4. Serve on a nonprofit board of directors. Ensure the nonprofit is a cause you care about. Offer your time, expertise and resources. Create connections and add them to your sphere of influence.
  5. Touch your sphere of influence monthly with an emailed or printed newsletter. But don’t send crap. Send something that is hyper-local, quirky and value-packed for the homeownership experience and beyond. Always add a call to action like a trivia question and include a $25 gift card to the first person to respond with the correct answer. Envision your network kicking off their shoes, grabbing a frosty beverage *just* to see what you’ve written for them this month.
  6. Offer to promote a favorite new home builder in your marketing. Build this important relationship and show them your marketing efforts and endorsements. Be persistent and ask how you can help them. Show the value you deliver and this could turn into a profitable reciprocal referral relationship.
  7. Partner with your favorite mortgage lender and offer a homebuyer webinar. The two of you make a powerful team of expertise; leverage that knowledge. Promote your webinar through landing pages (lead gen) and targeted Facebook advertising. Provide attendees with a branded pdf of points covered in the session. Ensure you have a long-term follow-up plan for these prospects.
  8. Avoid canned email nurture campaigns for leads not ready to buy or sell yet. While the good intention is there, these campaigns can sound stale and forced. Take a few hours to write your own email nurture campaigns. Make them fun, engaging and interesting, while keeping in mind what a prospective buyer or seller is going through. Add a call to action, encouraging them to reach out to you. Upload them to your CRM, Top Producer or MailChimp and set them up to go out automatically by prospect set.
  9. After every listing appointment, knock on the doors of five neighbors. Let them know about your “coming soon” listing and ask if they know anyone looking to move into the neighborhood. Leave your card and/or brief professional portfolio.

As you market your real estate business, always be thinking like the head of a five-star resort. The best real estate marketing ideas add value to someone else’s experience and that positive echo comes back to you ten-fold.

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